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Family Law Mediation in Diamond Bar, CA

Family Law Mediation in Diamond Bar, CA- DRios Portrait

has practiced law for 30 years with an emphasis in Family Law including Divorce, Paternity, Child and Spousal Support, Complex Child Custody and  Community Property Issues, Small Business Contracts, Wills, Trusts, and Probate. 

Attorney Delilah Knox Rios,  as an Advocate of  Collaborative Family Law and Family Law Mediation, and a Certified Family Law Specialist, State Bar of CA, Board of Legal Specialization, provides not only Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) but litigation services, to clients in all counties of Southern California Divorce Professionals Inland Empire. (CDPIE).


What is Collaborative Family Law as opposed to litigation, mediation and arbitration? How does it work?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a term used by professionals in the field to refer to methods of settling matters other than litigation which would otherwise involve trial lawyers, judges, and courts.  Mediation in Family Law is a process somewhat familiar to the general public, however, a new and exciting direction of ADR has come of age – Collaborative Family Law, which offers divorcing parties the opportunity, with the assistance of collaborative attorneys and an interdisciplinary team, truly dedicated to helping the parties  resolve their disputes by an agreement reached by the parties, for the parties, instead of a court imposing judgment.



What is Arbitration as opposed to Litigation, Mediation and Collaborative Family Law? How does it work?

In litigation, the parties are before a Court of law and equity.  Due to the backlog of cases, the number of new filings, and increasing costs of litigation – a day in court, even one for a short Motion or Order to Show Cause can be frustrating for the parties.  Parties are required to be on time but must often sit all morning and sometimes into the afternoon until their case is called.  Family law trials can also be delayed for months, and delayed again, due to unavailable courtrooms and priority of other cases, such as child custody.


Family Law Mediation

What is Mediation as opposed to litigation, Arbitration, and Collaborative Family Law? How does it work?

In litigation, the parties are practicing civilized warfare before a court of law and equity, in lieu of resorting to self-help or physical violence as a means to resolve disputes.  However, due to the increase in the cost and volume of litigation, individuals, business and the courts are exploring Alternative Dispute Resolution methods to litigation which may include  Mediation.

In Mediation, a Neutral professional facilitates communication between two (or more) parties in order to assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement and thereby avoiding or resolving litigation.